BFT LIBRA C LX 24 V Control Panel

BFT LIBRA C LX  24 V Control Panel

BFT LIBRA C LX 24 V Control Panel

D113715 00002 - LIBRA C LX

• Universal control panel for one or two series LUX BT motors
• Slowing on opening and closing managed by an absolute encoder which, combined with the amperometric detection ensures maximum anti-crushing safety.
• Complete with incorporated two-channel receiver, predisposed for serial management, back-up battery and electric lock.
• Full control of programming by means of the digital display and three simple buttons.
• Extremely simple to install and service thanks to the SELF-DIAGNOSIS (automatic detection of failures), and AUTOSET (automatic setting of the operating parameters) functions and the extractable terminals.
• Compatible with EeLink protocol, can therefore be programmed using Proxima.


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