BFT LUX FC 2B 110VAC Hydraulic Swing Gate Arm Only for Slave or Replacement

BFT LUX FC 2B 110VAC Hydraulic Swing Gate Arm Only for Slave or Replacement

BFT LUX FC 2B 110VAC Hydraulic Swing Gate Arm Only for Slave or Replacement

Several versions available: with slowdown, internal positive stops, longer stroke. All of them are irreversible. SAFE USE Crushing prevention guaranteed by two adjustable bypass valves. These 120 volt hydraulic linear arms will give full satisfaction and will smoothly operate any gate up to 700 pounds per leaf.

• Opening angles of 120 degrees
• Irreversible (cannot be opened manually when motor is engaged)
• Easy manual release in case of power failure
• Opening and closing: 17 seconds (30 seconds on larger model)
• Adjustable working time from LCD panel control board
• Rated up to 500 opening and closing cycles per day
• Six different models to ensure that all application and installation
scenarios are met
• Optional internal positive stops available on some operators: no need
for external stops on the driveway
• Optional thermostatically controlled heater available to ensure smooth
operation in colder climates
• Install a complete pre-wired electrical enclosure box to further improve
aesthetics and add many optional entry and safety systems all in one
confined lockable enclosure box
Hydraulic gate openers are stronger and more reliable than
electromechanical gate openers, and are therefore trusted more. They
offer many advantages that make them superior and preferable over
electromechanical gate openers.
The main shaft of the gate operator is filled with hydraulic fluid, and there
is a stopper in the center which separates the fluid into 2 chambers within
the shaft. The stopper is connected to the part of the operator that moves
in and out, opening and closing the gate. The motor is next to a pump with
2 tubes - one reaching into one chamber of fluid and another reaching
into the other chamber of fluid. When activated, the pumps take water out
of one chamber and pump it into the other chamber, which forces the
stopper and likewise the gate operator to move in and out depending on
whether the gate is opening or closing. Because of this simple design,
hydraulic gate operators are much more reliable than electromechanical
gate operators.

Gate opener can operate in extreme temperatures. From 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 C to + 60 C). Strong, compact hydraulic piston, available in various versions depending on specific needs and field of use. There are models featuring hydraulic locking and non-locking (reversible) models that need a solenoid lock to keep them in position. Operating force is adjusted with extreme precision by means of the
control unit’s electronic control. Operation at the end of travel is adjusted electronically in the control panel.

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