AWID DL-1027 Dual (HF) Reader

AWID DL-1027 Dual (HF) Reader

AWID DL-1027 Dual (HF) Reader

AWID’s DL-1027 Dual-Frequency Reader is a combination of two reader technologies in a single small switchplate-type enclosure.  It is ready for installation on a wall or on a single-gang box.  The DC-1023 reader provides superior read range, along with high-quality, reliability, durability, attractive appearance, and easy installation.

ProtocolsThe DL-1027 reader contains two ready-to-use readers in a single enclosure.  The low-frequency (LF) reader is for AWID’s standard proximity (125 kHz) cards and tags.  The high-frequency (HF) reader is for 13.56 MHz “smart card” protocols, available from commercial suppliers worldwide.  The DL-1027reader needs no programming during installation.  AWID ships the reader with pre-programmed firmware for one or more HF protocols as ordered by the customer.


  • HF protocols
    • ISO-14443A (Mifare, DESfire*, Mifare Plus*) -- UID or Sector Data

    • ISO-14443B – UID or Sector Data

    • ISO-15693 (Smart Label) – UID

    • ISO-18000-3

    • A.S.K.*

    • U.S. Government PIV – Reader is FIPS 201 transparent (future release)

  • Dimensions: 1.9 x 4.8 x 0.7 inches

  • Operating Temperature: -31 °F to +150 °F (-35 °C to +65 °C)


  • Uniform code formats
  • Self testing and self-diagnostic ...

  • Simple wiring to controller

  • Dual applications

  • No additional HF programming needed

  • Auto initializes after self-diagnostic


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