AWID LR-2000HiLo Long Range Card Double (UHF) Reader

AWID LR-2000HiLo Long Range Card Double (UHF) Reader

AWID LR-2000HiLo Long Range Card Double (UHF) Reader

AWID’s Sentinel-Prox ™ Long-Range Reader - LR-2000-HiLo is a UHF RFID reader with an integrated fine-tuned antenna. The LR-2000-HiLo is optimally designed for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Access Control applications such as parking entry and gate control. This LR-2000-HiLo Reader system also provides security-sensitive AWID proprietary encrypted vehicle UHF tags in a variety of types and styles. The LR-2000-HiLo integrated RFID reader antenna system is ideal for outdoor AVI application as well as indoor applications such as asset monitoring and tracking. The system offers price/ performance characteristics over traditional long-range proximity card systems.


  • LR-2000-HiLo provides double the field range of the LR-2000
  • Up to 25' read range
  • Not compatible with LR-911 tags
  • Works with AWID LR-2000 tags of 7 form factors
  • Ships with ANT-2012 external antenna
  • Accessories available: the LR-2000-Kit


  • Read Ranges of 15 feet to 20 feet with twice the coverage angles
  • Compact package of 8 x 8 x 1.125 inch
  • Programmable read repetition rate for one-shot or multiple reads
  • Utilizes passive RFID technology; no battery required for tags.
  • Industry standard Wiegand and RS-232 data output
  • Ships with ANT-2012 and 6' coax cable
  • Certified with FCC regulation


  • Superior read range performance for AVI and Access Control applications
  • Integrated reader and antenna
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • No programming required for standard installation
  • Cost-effective UHF long read range passive tags
  • Compatible with all standard Access Control Systems
  • No FCC license required for users
  • Easy installation with LR-2000 installation kit
  • Standard Wiegand Interface to controller


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