AWID MR-1824 GO (LF) Card Reader

AWID MR-1824 GO  (LF) Card Reader

AWID MR-1824 GO (LF) Card Reader

AWID’s Sentinel-Prox Medium-Range Reader MR-1824 is a mid-range proximity reader at an economical price. With an industry best read range of 18 to 24 inches, it eliminates the need to get the card close to the reader, and no more misreads or fumbling. It delivers exceptional value without compromise on quality, durability, and performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The MR-1824MC is a Metal Compensated version of MR-1824 to allow flexible mounting applications to metal surfaces by adhering four ferrite plates (4x4x0.25 in and 8 oz each) to the back of MR-1824.


  • Read range of 18 to 24 inches
  • Metal compensation available (MR-1824-MC) for mounting on metal surfaces (up to 16" @ 12VDC Read Range)
  • Electronics potted with epoxy compound for demanding environmental applications
  • LED for visual feedback, Piezo beeper for audio feedback
  • Compatible with all Wiegand access control systems
  • Industry standard Wiegand  (26 to 50 bit) output and RS-232 interface
  • Attractive high-tech enclosure in dark gray or beige color


  • Medium read range for building/large door access control applications requiring longer read ranges
  • MR-1824-MC is ideal for applications requiring mounting on metal surfaces
  • Reader electronics protected against application elements to assure long reader life
  • Visual and Audible indicators providing dependable user feedback and guidance for quick and easy installation
  • Wiegand output allows use of multiple control panels allowing stocking of one reader for all applications and credential requirements
  • HiLo (High Low) is ideal for applications requiring 2 different height installations


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