AWID LR-2200KIT Jobsite Test Kit

AWID LR-2200KIT Jobsite Test  Kit

AWID LR-2200KIT Jobsite Test Kit

AWID’s LR-2200-KIT Installation Kit is the tool that helps sell a new LR-2200 or LR-2200HiLoMA long-range reader, gives you answers about performance of the products during installation, and identifies the source of problem during a service call. The LR-2200KIT is self-contained in a black, hinged, compact carrying case. It is a required first-time, one-time purchase for every installing company for AWID’s long range readers. It provides the visible and audible feedback that the LR-2200 and LR-2200-HiLoMA readers do not provide directly themselves.

Kit contains:

  • LR-2200 modified (no Wiegand output)
  • Power supply
  • Beeper and LED test unit
  • RF signal detector
  • 7 different tag because one size does NOT fit all
  • Adapter cable for computer
  • Adapter cable for computer


  • Self-contained kit . . . All items assembled in a fitted case
  • Easy to use . . . Simple instructions are included
  • Quick set-up . . . Units connected by spring-clips
  • Variety of uses . . . Kit contains all necessary items
  • A selling tool . . . “EVAL” reader demos real reading
  • Build confidence at your office . . . Shows actual operation on the bench
  • Answers questions at installation . . . Kit shows that reader and tags work
  • Trouble-shoots in a service call . . . Shows if reader and tags are working
  • Points out where repair is needed . . . Isolates and substitutes for bad part
  • A valuable investment for you . . . Useful before, during and after sale


  • The Kit contains everything that you need. It sets up quickly and easily, for an effective presentation
  • Before connecting the LR-2200 reader, you can detect radiation from other RF sources in the neighborhood that might affect the reader’s performance
  • You know that the reader is detecting the tags, either hand-held or inside a vehicle, with a beep and an LED indication on the test unit for every tag read
  • The Installation Kit gives you confidence that the products are working to specification even before you leave the shop
  • Before you interface the LR-2200-B-U reader to the access control or gate control system, you can detect the RF transmission from the reader and know that it is functioning correctly
  • Connect the LR-2200 to a PC for alternative data output check, and to change RF power level and read repetition rate
  • Many more, please see data sheet


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