Doorking 1837 PC Programmable Telephone Entry System for Apartment/ Offices with 3000 memory, SS, Flush Mount 1837-084

Doorking 1837 PC Programmable Telephone Entry System for Apartment/ Offices with 3000 memory, SS, Flush Mount 1837-084

Doorking 1837 PC Programmable Telephone Entry System for Apartment/ Offices with 3000 memory, SS, Flush Mount 1837-084

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The Model 1837 is an ideal telephone entry and access control system suited for medium to large apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites.   The eight-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing and your personalized message appears on the screen when the system is not in use.   Our unique "One Touch" CALL button makes this system one of the easiest to use on the market today!   The built-in electronic directory, easy to use Remote Account Manager programming software, card reader interface and expandability options make this unit an ideal choice for those applications with a large number of system users and entry locations.   Up to 16 card readers can be interfaced with the 1837 to provide access control.   Additionally, our elevator control module restricts which floors a guest or system users have access to, making it an ideal system for high rise buildings.   For additional security, the 1837 allows you to monitor activity AS IT HAPPENS on your computer display and with our anti-pass back memory, you can enable a TRUE anti-pass back system in one of three different configurations; passive, active and trap.  

The 1837 is available in three distinct styles: Surface mount, Flush mount and Wall mount.   Contact your professional DKS system installer for more information about this and other DKS products.


The 1837 Telephone Entry & Access Control System can be programmed by any of the following methods:

  • Hayes compatible modem (note 1)
  • RS-232 direct connection (note 2)
  • The Internet via DKS Server Modem (Patent Pending)(note 1, 4)
  • The Internet (note 2, 3)
  • LAN (note 2, 3)

Note 1: Modem and Server Modem connection can only be used to send and receive data. These connections cannot be used for Live Transactions or Live Streaming.

Note 2: Live Transactions and Live Streaming are available using this connection method.

Note 3: Requires DKS TCP/IP Converter connected to the 1837.

Note 4: Requires user registration on DKS Server and V 6.3.b software (or later). Earlier software versions will no longer be supported by our servers after July 1, 2011.

  • Remote Account Manager and Transaction Analysis software is included with the system.
  • Large easy to use A and Z scroll buttons.
  • One Touch "CALL" button.
  • Built-in eight-line LCD directory display.
  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits).
  • 10 and 11-digit dialing capability.
  • Interfaces with 2 card readers - expandable to 16 with tracker expansion board(s)
  • Live Streaming.
  • Live transactions.
  • Anti-pass back.
  • 8000 event transaction buffer.
  • Elevator control - requires elevator control boards(s)
  • 31 Security (permission levels)- 29 Programmable (2 fixed levels).
  • Database import/export capability.
  • LED Lighted keypad.
  • Built-in clock/calendar.
  • Holiday schedule.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Entry code time zones.
  • Built-in postal lock provision.
  • True Full Duplex communication.
  • Stores up to 3000 telephone numbers and names.
  • Transaction buffer stores last 8000 events.
  • Stores up to 8000 access card codes - dependent on system memory.
  • 31 security (permission) levels, 29 programmable with 4 time zones each.
  • 8 hold open time zones.
  • Three anti-pass back configurations: passive, active and trap.
  • Elevator control (note 1) for up to 8 elevators, each serving 64 floors.
  • Expandable (note 2) to control up to 16 entry points.
  • 4-digit entry codes, one for each telephone number.
  • 3 form "C" dry contact relays.
  • Eight-line directory display uses super-twist LCD with 1/2-inch characters.
  • EEPROM memory chip.
  • Requires touch-tone, loop-start central office phone line.
  • 16 VAC, 20 VA and 16 VAC, 50 VA power transformers supplied.
  • FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-T
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 4528 A
  • Compliant with UL 294.   ETL listed.
  • Dimensions Surface Mount: 13"H x 11.25"W x 4.75"D.
  • Dimensions Flush Mount: 13.25"H x 12"W x 3.25"D.
  • Dimensions Wall Mount: 15"H x 13.25"W x 3.5"D.
Note 1: Requires Elevator Control Board(s).
Note 2: Requires Tracker Expansion Board(s).



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