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Eagle Gate Operators and Access Controls

Eagle Access Control Systems is a trusted and innovative source for gate operators.  Eagle grew from a leading installation company to a pioneering manufacturer of gate operators and access control accessories. This was the foundation of Eagle’s line of products and valuable solutions.  Eagle Access Control maintains a complete staff of engineering, research and development, and manufacturing personnel. Eagle Gate Operators are built in the United States of America and located in Southern, California. Eagle is positioned firmly for the next generation of technology. Eagles dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction and quality workmanship is the cornerstone of their highly regarded reputation. In fact, Eagle guarantees your satisfaction.

Eagle provides a large variety of swing gate and slide gate operators. Every application from small residential, private entrance up to and through large commercial high usage systems are all available in both standard 115vac power and also DC backup. Eagle offers all the necessary devices for your gate operation like keypads, probes, telephone access and intercom controls.  Simple wireless entry with transmitters or fast pass systems are also available.  Eagle, with every operator sold, offers its groundbreaking control board, named the Diamond Control Board. This is the most feature-packed control board available today.




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EAGLE EG 054  7 Amp Hour Battery 12V
EAGLE EG054  7 Amp Hour Battery (5.95" L x 2.56" W x 3.70" H - HT 3.86"; 4...
EAGLE EG 050 12 Amp Hour Battery 12V
Eagle EG 050 12 Amp Hour Battery (5.95" L x 3.86" W x 3.70" H - HT 3.94"; 7.92 l..
EAGLE EG 056 75 Amp Hour Battery
Eagle EG056  75 Amp Hour Battery (10.25" L x 6.60" W x 8.15" H - HT 8.98"; ..
EAGLE EG 051 Inverter for Power-I
Eagle EG051 Inverter for Eagle Power-1 Battery Backup   ..
EAGLE EG 169 Loop Detector Eagle Brand Plug In Style
Overview: • 10 - 30 VAC/DC - 20 mA Maximum • Single Button used for both Reset & Sen..
EAGLE EG 186 3-Button Station
Eagle 3 button control station for gate Operator.  Open Close and Stop Function   ..
EAGLE EG 140128 Multicode Wireless Radio Receiver and 2 Transmitters
Eagles Package: 1 Wireless Radio Receiver with 2 each 1 button transmitters for activation. ..
EAGLE EG140 1-Button Transmitter (Multi-Code )
Eagle Multi Code 1 Button Transmitter.  Works with Multi code Receiver ..