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FAAC Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories

FAAC  Gate Operator and Access Control Accessories

FAAC Access Control and Acessories

FAAC is a world leader in Barrier Gate, Hydraulic Swing and Slide Operators.  FAAC's mission is to produce the longest life, most reliable and safest opening systems on the market. FAAC's product range is one of the industries broadest range of working hydraulic operators there is.  FAAC is subdivided into 4 product families. In each of these families, FAAC presents a complete and cutting-edge range able to satisfy the requirements of any demanding customer, both residential and industrial/commercial. FAAC designs and manufactures completely on their own the automated systems and the control electronics of all marketed products.

FAAC offers Accessories for actuation and control for all of its Swing, Sliding and Barrier gate Operators. These accessories include safety devices that sense obstructions in the path of the gate, like ground loops and safety photo eyes. Also included are access control devices that open the gate like FOBs, keypads, key switches, transmitters, receivers and more. For any FAAC gate operator installation to meet UL or ETL safety standards the manufacturer recommended and supplied devices should be installed. 



  • · Transmitters
  • · Receivers
  • · Control systems
  • · Safety devices
  • · Telephone Entry Systems
  • · Control boards

FAAC Accessory Kits for gate operators.
These kit(s) offer everything you need to install FAAC gate operators along with access control products like receivers, transmitters, safety photo eyes, ground loops.

Complete accessory listings for all accessories below::


FAAC S800H Load Bearing Box 490112
Load Bearing Box Steel Needed with operator S800 In Ground Operator for Single or Bi Parting(Dual..
FAAC 787317 Two channel transmitter – 418 Mhz Choice of over 1000 codes. 12V battery included ..
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FAAC 1TM 418DS Transmitter Single channel transmitter – 418 Mhz Single channel transmitter &n..
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FAAC XT4 Wireless Receiver 433 RC Plug In Style  787741
433 RC Plug in style Single Channel receiver works with the XT4 Transmitter ..
FAAC XT4 Transmitter 433 RC FCC 787453
FEATURES: 4 Channel capability/4buttons Visor clip included Dimensions: 2" x 2.5"..
FAAC DSP-15 Loop Detector FAIL Safe 2664
SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 4" x .87" x 2.75" 2 Relays Relay A: Provides ma..
FAAC Vehicle loop Detector, Plug-In Loop Detector 2680,  (Replaces 2667 and 2665)
Details Repalces FAAC 2667 and 2665 Loop Detectors 11 Pin Plug in base. Automatic calibratio..
FAAC Vehicle loop Detector,  2680, 24VDC (Replaces PLD 1500) 2681
Details Repalces FAAC DSP PLD 1500 Plug-In Loop Detector 11 Pin Plug in base. Automatic cali..
FAAC DSP-Loop Detector DSP 7 10-30 VAC/VDC (Barrier) 2659
This is FAAC Loop Detector DSP 7. Hard wires into control panel backplate. Strictly for 620,615,640 ..
FAAC Photobeam  Set Factory Monitored 785163
This is the FAAC Photobeam photoelectric safety sensor model number 785163. Range is 100 feet. Direc..
FAAC Three-Button Switch/Exterior Station 2510
Three-Button Switch Features: .Switch rating: 250 VAC; 10 amps .Indoor or outdoor use .P..
FAAC Two-Button Switch/Exterior Station 2512
Two-Button Switch Features: .Switch rating: 250 VAC; 10 amps .Indoor or outdoor use .Pai..
FAAC Warning Lamp/Visual Safety Strobe/Amber 115VAC 410013+
FAAC Warning Lamp   PART NUMBER 410013 (230 VAC))   Connects to FAAC 230 VAC c..
FAAC Warning Lamp/Visual Safety Strobe/Amber 230VAC 410013
FAAC Warning Lamp   PART NUMBER 410013 (230 VAC))   Connects to FAAC 230 VAC c..
FAAC 455D115F+ Control panel with 14" x 16" Enclosure 115VAC
This is the FAAC 455D Control panel with 14" x 16" fiberglass, hinged, lockable enclosure...