Kerisystems NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Card ISO (50 Minimum)

Kerisystems NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Card ISO (50 Minimum)

Kerisystems NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Card ISO (50 Minimum)

Keri’s NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Cards allow the user to combine several identification technologies in a single credit card thin credential. The cards can be ordered with or without a high coercivity magnetic stripe, which is useful if there are other types of systems in use that are mag stripe-based, such as cafeteria vending. They are also useful for customers who may have a proximity-based access control system at one site and a mag stripe-based system at other locations, allowing the user to carry a single card. Uses 96 bit encryption between the card and the reader.

One of the most popular features of the Multi Technology Cards is that they can accept a direct print video image, typically a photograph, bar code, and other user graphics, from most industry standard dye sublimation printers, to create a custom access credential.

Unless the user requires the combination of mag stripe and proximity, the NXT-C is recommended over the NXT-I or NXT-S Multi Technology Cards whenever possible because of its lower cost and lifetime warranty. The Standard Light Cards can be fitted with a PVC label or "skin" which can accept a direct printed image to provide photo ID at a much lower cost and greater durability.

  • ISO Thin, just 0.031” (0.8mm)
  • With or Without Magnetic Stripe
  • Can Also Print Bar Codes
  • Uniqe codes


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