Kerisystems PXL-500W Tiger II Controller (Wiegand compatible) - 1 Door/2 Reader Controller, Wiegand Reader-compatible.

Kerisystems PXL-500W Tiger II Controller (Wiegand compatible) - 1 Door/2 Reader Controller, Wiegand Reader-compatible.

Kerisystems PXL-500W Tiger II Controller (Wiegand compatible) - 1 Door/2 Reader Controller, Wiegand Reader-compatible.

PXL-500 Tiger Controller II

*Note Keri Systems has breathed new life into legacy PXL-500 systems; renowned for their reliability and functionality. With new upgrade ability under the Doors.NET Client/Server software, traditional PXL-500 based systems customers will enjoy an expanded feature set and extended life. Ultimately, Keri will embark on enhancements to the popular hardware package that will extend the PXL-500 family far into the future. PXL-500 is here for the long term!

tiger controllerPowerful, high-quality, sophisticated access control systems at prices that are much less than others? How did Keri do it?

Lets start with the world class hardware:

A RISC-based multiprocessor platform, resulting in the new PXL-500 Tiger II Controller, its companion SB-593 Expansion Board, and high performance, low cost proximity readers.

The PXL-500 Tiger Controller has all of the functionality needed to manage a single door, alarm output, and 2 reader ports. A second door can be added when used with SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board.

The SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board economically provides second door control plus extra general purpose inputs and outputs.

The PXL-500 Tiger II Controller Platform

The new PXL-500 Tiger II Controller platform has taken Keri's acclaimed proximity-based access control system to the next level. Strong enough to manage a 256 door network at a single site or 256 doors per site at multiple sites, yet tame enough to handle a single door, the PXL-500 continues Keri's tradition of flexibility and expandability.

UL/CSA CERTIFICATION: The PXL-500 is UL certified under UL-508 (Control Equipment)

tiger access control panel
New Features

  • Locking Metal Enclosure that can also house KPS-4 Power Supply and battery
  • Added RAM for increased cardholder capacity (up to 65K per controller)
  • On-board LAN socket for new low cost LAN-500
  • Increased EEPROM memory to support future enhanced firmware capabilities

Installer Features and Enhancements

  • Double row header pins to ensure SB-593 is properly seated on PXL
  • Additional LED indicator to confirm SB is properly seated
  • RS-232 connector changed from DB-9 to quick disconnect terminal block
  • RS-485 continuity indicator LED
  • RS-485 connector different size so as not to interconnect with power input
  • LCD Display moved up so as not to hang below the PC Board

PXL-500 PCB OverviewReliability Enhancements

  • More protection for RS-485 circuitry
  • Added relay protection for arc suppression

Other Great Installation Features - Inherited from the PXL-250

  • On-board diagnostic tests built into the controller firmware
  • Diagnostic LEDs on the controller board to assist with troubleshooting communication and controller power issues
  • Automatically senses communication method (direct connect to PC or via modem)
  • Auto-Configures RS-485 grounding for optimum performance - NO JUMPER SETTINGS
  • Quick disconnect terminals
  • Software auto-configures system components, no data entry required
  • Push-button setting and visual LED display of address selection - NO DIP SWITCHES

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