Ramset RPI TL Inverter

Ramset RPI TL  Inverter

Ramset RPI TL Inverter

Ramset RPI TL

During frustrating blackouts and power fluctuations, it is essential to carry the proper power inverter for both convenience and emergency circumstances. Ramset's RPI-TL power inverter responds with a near instantaneous (16.6 milliseconds) automatic transfer to battery-derived AC output. This near instantaneous transfer ensures smooth transitions between regular power and battery-derived power even during mid cycles. This uniquely designed power inverter supplies up to 750 watts of continuous 120V AC power to your gate opener & utilized accessories. The RPI-TL is made to function only on 1/2 & 3/4 Hp openers. For units with a 1 Hp motor, the Battery Back-Up System is great option. *Battery not included


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