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Ramset Swing, Slide and Overhead Door Gate Operators

Ramset manufactures the most durable and reliable automatic gate opener in the industry. We also provide an extensive line of accessories and quality hardware.  Ramset swing, slide and overhead automatic gate openers are carefully designed to provide safe, efficient, secure, and reliable operation for years to come. All of Ramsets products come with the industry’s best warranty.

  • Ramsetautomatic  gate openers offer continuous lifetime operation with efficient design and durable construction
  • Ramset automatic gate openers allow you to easily set start and stop positions with convenient controls 
  • Ramset automatic gate openers virtually eliminate equipment replacement costs with our 10 year residential / 7 year commercial manufacturer's warranty


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Ramset 30 1/2 Hp, 120VAC Residential Swing Gate Operator
Ramset 30 Residential Swing Gate Operator STANDARD FEATURES State-of-the-art processor controlle..
Ramset 300 1/2 Hp, 120VAC Residential and Commercial Swing Gate Operator
Ramset 300 Swing Gate Operator With 1/2 HP Motor State-of-the-art processor controlled circuit bo..
Ramset 3000 series 1/2 Hp 120VAC Commercial/Industrial Swing Gate Operator
Ramset 3000 Commercial Swing Gate Operator State-of-the-art processor controlled circuit board. E..
Ramset 3030 1 Hp,  220VAC  Heavy Duty Industrial and Commercial Swing Gate Operator
Product Description This is the biggest and most powerful swing gate opener in its price rang..
Ramset 302 1/2 Hp 120VAC  Residentail and Commercial Low Profile Swing Gate Operator
RAMSET 302 Low Profile Residential and Commercial Swing Gate Operator. When a Low Profile Gate Op..
Ramset Battery Back-up System
A completely enclosed battery back up system that utilizes a 12VDC motor. During power outs this dep..
Ramset RPI TL  Inverter
Ramset RPI TL During frustrating blackouts and power fluctuations, it is essential to carry the..
Ramset Intelligate Control Board
The intelligate control board was designed to work in all Ramset model operators.It is a state-of-th..
Ramset Uphill Swing Hinges 1 pair
The Ramset 800-83-10 uphill hinges are heavy duty and designed to be used for uphill swing gate appl..
Ramset 12' Guide Roller Black
Ramset 12' Black Guide Roller - Non adjustable.   ..
Ramset RAM 5-12H Control Board
Ramset RAM 5-12H Control Board 800-62-04 ..
Ramset 6' Guide Roller Black
Ramset 6' Black Guide Roller - Non adjustable.   ..
Ramset 4' Guide Roller Black
Ramset 4' Black Guide Roller - Non adjustable.   ..
Ramset 6' Guide Roller Black Adjustable
Ramset 6' Black Guide Roller - Adjustable.   ..
Ramset Uphill Swing Arm
~Ramsets 800-83-00 is an uphill arm for Ramset gate openers installed on a hill. It is a 1" x 2..