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Reno A&E Loop Detectors & Vehicle ID

Reno A&E Loop Detectors & Vehicle ID

Reno A & E Vehicle Loop Detectors & Vehicle ID

Reno A&E is an innovative engineering company dedicated to advancing and improving traffic and parking control systems around the world. Reno A&E is built on a foundation of strong management and innovative engineers. Reno A&E works with one goal in mind-to provide excellent service to it's customers by supplying high-quality products. Reno A&E began the research and production of traffic control technology and the first loop detector as far back as 1996.  In January of 2000, Reno A&E received ISO 9001 approval and officially became an ISO 9001 Registered Company.  Reno A&E has since been a front-runner in loop detection system technology and continues to set the standard for safety and quality in traffic and parking control systems.

Reno A&E produces a variety of products in several categories.  Reno A&E Access Products are used to detect and/or identify the presence of vehicles for automatic gate, doors, and bollard control. Reno A & E vehicle loop detectors, boxed detectors, card detectors and preformed vehicle loops, both in-ground and saw-cut, range from gate operator controlled residential applications entrance and exit. through the largest of commercial and industrial, including railroad, traffic management crossing and safety controls.

The Model B Box Detector  is a full featured, single channel, dual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A & E’s vehicle detectors. All detector functions and settings are configured by using a set of eight internal DIP switches and a front panel mounted pushbutton switch.

The Model BX is a full featured, single channel, dual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A & E’s vehicle detectors.

The Model BT-AVI receiver is a dual function units combining the features of an inductive loop detector with an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Receiver. 

The Model AVI-XS Vehicle Identification (AVI) Transmitter is a self-contained device that is easily installed on the underside of a vehicle. When power is applied the transmitter emits coded signal(s). The signal is picked up by a loop coil mounted in the roadway surface, which is connected to an AVI receiver capable of decoding the transmitted signal.

The Model PLB Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop/lead-in assembly designed to be installed in 1/4“ wide saw cuts. The design allows for variations in the perimeter of the loop slot. There is no need for 45 degree corner cuts. Models PLH and PLH-R can satisfy all  commercial and industrial inground or direct burial applications.

Reno AVI-XS1 Transmitter (Small - 2.5" diameter 'hockey puck')
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