Wavetrend Micro Strap Tag (TGMS)

Wavetrend Micro Strap Tag (TGMS)

Wavetrend Micro Strap Tag (TGMS)

Micro Strap Tag (TGMS)

The Micro Wrist Strap Tag is suited for personnel tracking and monitoring indoors for healthcare, health and safety, time in attendance, security and other related applications. The tag allows for a wide range of user-supplied wrist straps to be used to attach the tag to the wearer's wrist and is splash proof. The tag can incorporate a motion sensor giving immediate alarms on movement, and offers different user-configurable rates for its status transmissions. It does not offer an anti-tamper facility to detect when the strap is cut or removed by the wearer. Contact Wavetrend if you require a secure wrist strap tag for prisoner tracking or related applications.

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