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Automatic Systems Residential and Commercial Gate Operator Systems

Automatic Systems Toll, Traffic Control, Security Barrier Gate Operators.

Automatic Systems designs its operators for maximum efficency for parking, industrial commercial, priviate and security operation. The design includes system modularity with maximum flexibility, ease of operation and maintenance.
Whether your requirement is for toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings, or the perimeter control of private or industrial sites… within the range of barriers, you will find the product suitable for your application.
Automatic Systems’ equipment responds to a wide range of facility requirements while remaining very cost effective. Just a few of the  Operators offered are from the BL40, BL43 and BL52 for traffic control with the  parkplus 100 and 101 for straight arm or articulated(low ceiling) use.  The Bl229 is a well known universal operator that suits many applications like parking, traffic control and even commercial. The BL229 also can be used for high speed application for either Tollway or Security access.
For more sensitive sites you may want to see the BL76 with an attached fence mesh or the BL53 with the reinforced barrier arm. For more vertical pivoting fence you can look at the BL46 and the BL77.
  Automatic Systems Operators are designed to stand up to harsh and difficult conditions.  With the proper accessories added these Operators can meet most any application desired.
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The BL229 rising barrier and is a universal barrier : its high performance and great reliability enable it to be used in a wide range of applications : traffic management, parking lots, industrial sites... and even toll roads.

The BL40 is sutiable for industrial enviroments and can mange intensive use. It has the capability of automatic opening in the event of power failure. It can raise long booms, even with accessories.

The BL41  barrier is a variant of the of the BL40 equipped with a central arm, it can carry booms up to a length of 12 meters.

The ParkPlus 100 and 101 has Software embedded in each barrier providing real time monitoring and the ability to configure and maintain each barrier locally or remotely via a simple web browser. The ParkPlus is a good revenue generator.

The BL 53 barrier is considered a high security operator. It is equipped with a reinforced arm, making any forcing attempt impossible. This passage can have a width of up to 26ft.

The BLG 76 rising fenced barrier is built robostly and is equipped with a boom carrying a mesh fence. It is an interesting alternative to a sliding gate, because in addition to closing an access securely, it allows for control of all vehicles.

Automatic Systems BL 229 Toll Barrier Gate  Ultra Fast Rising Barrier with 10 ft Arm
The Model BL-229 Barrier Gate Operator is designed and manufactured by Automatic Systems. The BL-229..
Automatic Systems BL40 Barrier Gate Operator with 26 ft (8m) Arm
Automatic Systems BL41 Barrier Gate Operator with 39 ft (12m) Arm
The BL 41 barrier is a variant of the BL 40. Equipped with a central arm, it can carry booms up to a..
Automatic Systems BL43 Barrier Gate Operator with 19.5 ft Arm
Automatic Systems BL52  Barrier gates Extra-Long Barrier with 46 ft Arm
Similar to the BL 32, the BL 52 barrier has capacities that are even more advanced, and is able to c..
Automatic Systems BL53 Barrier gates Extra-Long Barrier with 26 ft Arm
The BL 53 barrier is the "high security" version of the BL 52 barrier. It is equipped with..
Automatic Systems BLG 76 Fenced Barrier Gate Rising Fenced Barrier with Fenced Arm 17'L X 6'H
The BLG 76 rising barrier with fence is built on the robust architecture of the BL 52, and is equipp..
Automatic Systems BLG77H Fenced Barrier Gate Rising Fenced Barrier with High Version Fence Arm (16'8' L X10' H)
The type BLG 77H rising barrier is a true reinforced rising fence, which offers a r..
Automatic Systems RSB 76 H Road blocker Wedge Recessed Hydraulic Road Blocker (Height 26 in.)
The RSB 76 H product is a high security hydraulic retractable obstacle. Its structure and its dimens..