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Pach Aegis Telephone Entry

Pach Aegis Telephone Entry

Pach & Co. Telephone Access Control
Pach & Co. manufactures a variety access control and intercom with all of the accessories needed for your application. These products include telephone access control entry systems, telephone intercom systems, card access systems, digital access systems, high security RF access controls, satellite entry readers and keypads and Wi-Fi internet browser for cell phone connectivity.
  Pach has been distributing its Telephone Access Control/Intercom Aegis series entry systems like the Aegis stand alone 7200 and 7250 for over 20 years in the access control industry.  The Aegis 8000 and Aegis 9125 series can be supported and controlled via PC software. With many different combinations of entry and exit choices from the multi user event controlled Aegis 9000 down to the simple single family envrioment like the Aegis 4000. Pach and Co. continue to out perform many in the industry with its duable and quality built products.
  Now available in the Pach Line is the new Pach Quantum Series Like the Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5 Telephone Access Control / Intercom units. These units can offer direct internet IP access and Wi-Fi capability and some have built in card access control. The QC Commercial Application Telephone Entry Systems with IP Web Browser Programmable is made easy for multi user application.  The QR systems for home and small commercial applications have never been more simpler for install and use.  



Pach Aegis 7250 Telephone Entry Control is a Hands Free Multi Tenant Telephone Access Control Systems from 25 to 250 tenants and 25 to 250 4-digit personal access codes. Programming local via system's keypad or remote via a touch-tone phone, Optional Radio Receiver. Remote Access press 9 to unlock door or optional radio transmitter, Local Access keypad entry code. Backlit Single Line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with Electronic Directory.

Pach 8000 Telephone Entry Access Control The Aegis 8000 Series Telephone Entry System is a Hands Free System that services up to 250 tenants and up to 250 codes. The 8000 series Telephone Access Control offers Programming local via system's keypad or remote via Pach and Company Management Software (Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me and XP, software is included

Pach 9000 series Telephone and Access Control  An outstanding Multi Tenant Telephone Eentry Access Control System with a built in modem for remote programming via windows management software. Software is included.  Event recording with a 1200 event buffer. 2x16 characters electronic liquid crystal display. The unit has built in RS-485 and RS-232.  The 9000 Aegis offers 10 programmable time zones for restricted access and 16 holiday time zones and door automatic unlock schedules.

Pach & Co AeGIS 9600CR25P  Multi User Telephone Entry System Surface Mounty
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Pach & Co Aegis  8250 Multi Tenant  Dedicated Telephone Entry System Surface Mount. 8250P
Aegis 8000 Keyless Entry Access Entry Systems 8250FFP (Full Flush) Pach Co with a premier quality a..
Pach & Co Aegis 7250 Multi User Dedicated Telephone Entry System Surface Mount 7250P
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Pach & Co ADA1 Audio Visual Alert System
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