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Supercom RFID Asset Control, Gate Operator Control

SuperCom has been inspiring the world with its RT location, tracking, monitoring, and verification solutions, empowered by its PureRF™ cutting edge wireless hybrids suite of products and technologies, all operated by a secure, proprietary web-based, interactive, user-friendly interface. SuperCom features a unique all-in-one field-proven RFID and mobile technology and products, accompanied with advanced complementary services for the healthcare and homecare, security and safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, building and access automation, and more.
Please call us at Upswung 1-775-588-1475 ext 152 for the best possible lowest pricing available. Speak with qualified, knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives for information and questions. Thank you, we appreciate your business!


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Supercom PRF-12PB 12VDC Power Supply with Battery Backup and Transformer
Supercom Vuance PRF-12PB 12VDC Power Supply with Battery Backup and Transformer ..